6 steps to recover from financial crisis

Whether it be due to a divorce, losing a job, suffering uninsured damage to your home or the failure of a business, all of us experience some degree of financial crisis in our lifetime. While often distressing and stressful, a financial crisis can be easily managed, all it takes are these 6 simple tried and tested steps. 1. Come to terms with the … [Read more...]

6 tips to survive the January blues

Santa has been and gone, the presents have all been opened and the in-laws have (finally) gone home. Christmas is over and now we’re faced with what is statistically the most depressing of all twelve months, January. Many of us can get carried away with the magic of Christmas so January often means assessing the damage caused to our bank accounts … [Read more...]

SuperStream – What does it mean?

2014 will see the implementation of the first of the ‘SuperStream’ reforms by the Australian Government. These reforms aim to facilitate and improve the general superannuation payment process made by employers through the modernisation of the current system, but what exactly will the changes mean for superannuation? These brand new ‘SuperStream’ … [Read more...]

6 Christmas gifts to help your financial future

Deciding what to buy loved ones for Christmas can be difficult, and more often than not we waste our time and money exchanging material gifts that we simply do not need. There are some gifts, however, that can help change a person’s life for the better and secure their financial future-what more could they ask for at Christmas? Here are 6 … [Read more...]

What is salary packaging and does it benefit me?

Salary packaging, also known as salary sacrificing, is a unique way for employees to afford certain purchases by exchanging part of their cash wages for an item of equal value, for example a car or laptop. Salary packaging is approved by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) and there can be substantial tax benefits and savings for those who choose … [Read more...]

This is why having a budget is a good idea

The word ‘budget’ has negative connotations amongst most Australians. The ‘B’ word makes us think of limits and restrictions, no luxuries and definitely no fun. A budget is a burden and as miserable as we feel about sticking to it, we feel guilty if we don’t, but it doesn’t always have to be like this. Having a flexible, feasible budget can save … [Read more...]

What is a reverse mortgage and does it apply to me?

Reverse mortgages, otherwise known as lifetime mortgages or equity release loans, are a somewhat novel but increasingly popular way for Australians over 60 to fund their retirement.  A reverse mortgage is a loan that allows homeowners to use the equity in their property as security and release the cash for whatever expense they choose. What are … [Read more...]

6 easy ways to make extra income from home

Modern life can prove to be tough on the bank balance at times, especially for parents with young children who struggle to juggle earning a living and taking care of the little ones, often having to fork out for expensive childcare. It is little wonder that more and more Australians are looking for ways to earn extra income from home, and in the … [Read more...]

Don’t become a victim of cybercrime

With over 14 victims per second across the world, cybercrime is becoming more prolific and more advanced. Cybercrime ranges from bank account hacking to phishing to obtain sensitive information. It’s no secret that cybercrime can happen to anyone which is why you need to actively protect yourself from online criminals. Here are seven easy … [Read more...]

Here’s why you should consider income protection insurance

Income protection insurance is one of the most claimed forms of insurance in Australia. When you consider that it safeguards your lifestyle in the event of illness or injury, it is no wonder that that this form of insurance is so popular. What is income protection insurance exactly? Income protection insurance should be a serious consideration … [Read more...]