Trauma Insurance isn’t really necessary, is it?

Take a moment to think about this: what would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer today? What would you do if you needed to be off work for a year or two during your recovery because of chemo and stress? How would you pay for your treatment as well as your everyday living expenses? I agree that this is a very uncomfortable topic to talk … [Read more...]

What is Total and Permanent Disability Insurance and why should I care?

Life is unpredictable and because of this, there is no way we can be sure of the future. The truth is, you don’t know if you will fall ill or have an accident that could prevent you from working again. None of us have that certainty, which is why having Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance is worth considering. What is TPD … [Read more...]

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Not everybody needs to take out a life insurance policy, but if you have dependants who would not be able to cover mortgage repayments or living costs without your income, then it is recommended that you take out a policy. But which policy is right for you and what do you need to consider when taking one out? These are questions that we … [Read more...]

When Should I Retire?

Deciding when to retire is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as an adult. Retiring too early can leave you stressed and struggling through what should be the most relaxing, enjoyable days of your life. Retire too late and you could find yourself with more money, but with limited time to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. … [Read more...]

6 Easy Ways To Save Money

Daily life can be pretty tough on the purse strings, especially in this day and age, but saving money does not always mean having to go without. There are, believe it or not, some ways of saving a few extra dollars a month by making changes that are so small you won’t even notice. Here’s 6 of them: 1. Review your outgoings Make time to sit … [Read more...]

5 things to think about when choosing a Super fund

Choosing a super fund is not to be underestimated and selecting the right one can mean the difference between enjoying a comfortable, stress-free retirement or struggling through it. Four-fifths of Australians choose to stick with the super fund option offered by their employer when actually choosing a super fund personally can be a safer and much … [Read more...]

4 key elements to your retirement planning

Retiring from full-time employment is a major life change and is not to be underestimated. With some careful retirement planning and a good understanding of your options, you can ensure that your retirement is both comfortable and enjoyable. During your retirement planning process, it is important to think about how much superannuation is … [Read more...]

MySuper is on its way

The Government’s MySuper reform aims to provide Australian workers with a cost-effective superannuation account with basic features and fee structures. Prior to the introduction of MySuper, employees that did not actively choose a super fund were automatically added to their employer’s default super fund. With the introduction of MySuper, employee … [Read more...]

6 Super Strategies to Build and Protect your Wealth

Australia has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and the average retirement length has increased accordingly. Because of this, it is extremely important that you make the most of your super and other savings in the lead up to and during your retirement. Financial year end is an ideal time for you to spend some time looking at your … [Read more...]

Superannuation Reforms

This article was originally published in BloombergBNA's Tax Planning International Asia Pacific Focus Journal (Vol.13, No.5, May 2013) On April 5, 2013, the Minister for Financial Services & Superannuation, The Hon Bill Shorten, MP, announced several reforms around superannuation tax concessions. The key reforms included are as … [Read more...]