Axis Investment Management Service

Axis Investment Management ServiceAt Axis we have developed a solution for you. We have created the Axis Investment Management Service to help you manage the day to day running of your portfolio.

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The service caters for individuals, trusts, companies and self managed superannuation funds. Daily data feeds ensure that transactions, corporate actions and dividend payments are recorded to provide a current valuation of your investments.

  • Do you want to keep control of your investments without the accompanying paperwork?
  • Would you like advice from experienced professionals while retaining the ability to make the final investment decisions?
  • Do you want to eliminate the headache at tax time with comprehensive tax reporting?
  • Would you like up-to-date portfolio valuations and income details to help with decision making?

AXIS administers a full range of investments

We administer all shares and trusts listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, cash, bank bills, term deposits, government bonds and managed funds. The AXIS Investment Management Service is a non-discretionary service allowing you to decide whether or not to accept our advice before we implement any changes to your portfolio.

AXIS Investment Centre will hold all investments in your name, and as necessary, will act under the Limited Power of Attorney granted to us in order to implement your instructions with regard to purchases and sales of investments, and other transactions such as rights issues, takeovers, share purchase plans and term deposit maturities. You will retain all the rights and benefits associated with direct ownership of your investments.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

We will record all your transactions, income and dividends received and corporate actions such as rights issues or term deposit maturities. We use the Macquarie Cash Management Trust as the financial hub of your portfolio to reconcile all cash movements through your account and also to provide a secure parking spot for your funds whilst they await investment.

Each quarter you will receive a report detailing the value of individual assets in your portfolio, any purchases or sales of investments, income received and expenses paid, all reconciled to the balance of your cash management trust. We also provide your interim capital gains tax position throughout the tax year.

You can also access daily portfolio updates at Once your account is set up we will provide you with login details to access your portfolio.

Managing your tax

At the end of the financial year we will prepare an annual tax report for your accountant. This comprehensive report will summarise the composition of your income and distributions and provide a detailed realised and unrealised capital gains tax summary. This report will enable you to better manage your tax position, save your accountant time and, in turn, save you money.


Our fees have been designed so that they are easy to understand and at the same time represent exceptional value for your money.

Management Fees

Management fees are charged in arrears on a quarterly basis, based on the average daily value of the portfolio during the quarter. They are payable on the last day of March, June, September and December each year.

Fee on the first $500,000 invested 0.75% p.a. plus GST

Fee on the next $1,500,000 invested 0.50% p.a. plus GST

Fee on any amounts invested over $2,000,000 0.25% p.a. plus GST

Please note that if your portfolio is valued at less than $150,000 you will be charged a minimum fee of $280 plus GST per quarter. Management fees are generally tax deductible.

Brokerage Fees

Brokerage fees on transactions are charged at the following rates per transaction subject to a minimum fee of $75 plus GST per transaction:

1.75% plus GST for transactions up to $15,000

1.25% plus GST for transactions over $15,000 up to $50,000

0.75% plus GST for transactions over $50,000

Other Fees

If you are unable to provide a complete cost base history for your existing investments, we may charge a fee to reconstruct this history. Please discuss this with your adviser.