Managed Funds

Managed Funds

Investing in managed funds is a fantastic way to stretch a small sum of money over a wide range of stocks. Diversification is a critical corner stone to any investment strategy. Managed funds allow you to achieve this in a very economical way.

What are the benefits of managed funds?

Managed funds can be a good investment because they:

  • Are convenient for regular contributions – by making regular contributions, it is easier for you to achieve your investment goals with less time and effort.
  • Offer diversification – you can lower your risk by investing across asset classes as well as within asset classes.
  • Have something for everyone – the large number of managed funds available means that you will be able to find a managed fund that is line with your financial goals.

How can we help you?

There are currently over 2,000 managed funds available, covering every possible combination and variation of investing styles. Finding the perfect fund for you is takes time, effort and inside knowledge.

We have a recommended list of 1,500 wholesale and retail managed funds to accommodate the risk profile, needs and goals for all our clients.

By remaining independent, and not being restricted to recommending in house products, our skilled advisers can identify funds that truly suit you and are of most benefit.

Axis Investment Centre works off a recommended list, and to make it onto the list the fund has to meet certain requirements:

  • It has to be open for new investment
  • It has to have sound management
  • It has to have minimum historical returns
  • It has to have an investment strategy that is clearly defined and adhered to
  • It has to operate with a reputable investment manager

When Axis Investment Centre recommends a fund to you, you can rest assured that the fund has been researched and that it matches your requirements and needs. Give us a call today.